3 Amazing Things To Do After You Die!

At some point, we’re all going to die, but what are we going to do with all our bodies? Cemeteries are becoming overpopulated, so there’s limited space in the ground. Cremation saves space. But what about being made into a diamond? Or being shot into space? Anthony lists out the 3 coolest things you can do after you die.

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City Cemeteries Face Gridlock

“Those of us among the living all know New York City can be maddeningly expensive, whether one is shopping for a million mansion on Fifth Avenue, or a ,500 studio walk-up in a former tenement on the Lower East Side.”

Do Cemetery Plots Have Expiration Dates
“In the movie Poltergeist, the Freeling family is haunted by spirits who don’t appreciate the fact that Mr. Sleazy Developer built a subdivision on top of their resting place.”

America’s Looming Burial Crisis
“We already know aging baby boomers are causing big shifts in the consumer marketplace: knee replacement surgeries have surged and public service ads warning seniors about STDs have cropped up on the sides of buses.”

What Are the Elements in the Human Body?
“Most of the human body is made up of water, H20, with cells consisting of 65-90% water by weight.”

Meet the Man Who Transforms Corpses into Diamonds
“Rinaldo Willy’s job is to transform dead people into precious stones.”

LifeGem – Ashes to Diamonds
“LifeGem is a certified, high-quality diamond created from a lock of hair or the cremated ashes of your loved one as a memorial to their unique life.”

Diamond ‘Flaws’ Pave Way for Nanoscale MRI
“By exploiting flaws in miniscule diamond fragments, researchers say they have achieved enough coherence of the magnetic moment inherent in these defects to harness their potential for precise quantum sensors in material that is ‘biocompatible’.”

Sending Your Ashes into Space Just Got a Lot Cheaper
Sending Your Ashes into Space Just Got a Lot Cheaper
“For less than 00, loved ones can send a vial of your cremains into orbit, then track their final journey by phone.”

Earth Orbit Service
“Our Earth Orbit service affordably launches a symbolic portion of cremated remains into space aboard Celestis spacecraft.”

Quantum Computer Built Inside A Diamond
“Diamonds are forever -or, at least, the effects of this diamond on quantum computing may be.”

Crematorium to Help Heat Homes in Swedish Town
“A Swedish crematorium criticised for environmental pollution has come up with a novel way to save energy: it will heat buildings in the surrounding town from the crematorium furnaces.”

Mummification of Transference
“It is a Neverending Story whole mystery and intrigue will always captivate us.”

10 Crazy Things to Do When You’re Dead
“If turning yourself into a tree sounds like the way to go, you have at least two afterlife options.”

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