UK Company Offers To Press Cremated Remains Of Loved Ones Into Vinyl Albums

Musician Jason Leach first made headlines with Andvinyly in 2010. But he returned to the spotlight with last month’s release of Hearing Madge, a touching short film (below) in which the co-founder explores the macabre practice of pressing dead Discover A Lot More

Tranquility Cremation Urns | Crematorium | Dealing With A Loved One’s Remains Tranquility Cremation Urns | Crematorium | FAQ - What are my options when dealing with a loved one's remains in the province of Ontario? 1473 Main Street West Hamilton, Ontario L8S 1C9 (905) 777-1700!/cremationinfo Discover A Lot More


English/Nat Buddhists set fire to stacks of bones on Monday in a mass cremation of Bangkok's poor - 21,347 people in ten days. The cremation was organised by an ethnic Chinese benevolent association that holds funeral rituals for the unclaimed Discover A Lot More

Washing human ash and remains down the Ganges river, after a cremation on the river bank

Open air crematorium / shamsham ghat workers tend to a cremation fire and wash away the ash into the Ganga river, after using river water to douse the cremation flames. This footage is part of the professionally-shot broadcast stock footage archive Discover A Lot More

Vatican: Don’t Scatter Cremation Ashes, And Don’t Keep Them At Home

cremation, vatican, ashes Vatican: Don't Scatter Cremation Ashes, And Don't Keep Them At Home Vatican bans keeping cremated remains at home The Vatican has issued new guidelines recommending that the cremated remains of Catholics be buried in Discover A Lot More

Texas to require burial or cremation of fetal remains and budget cuts for disabled children

New rules proposed by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission regarding the disposal of fetal remains are set to take effect December 19th. The rules will prohibit hospitals, abortion clinics and other health care facilities from disposing Discover A Lot More

Gem & Crystal Remains After Cremation of Enlightened Monk

Welcome! Continuing our studies on Buddhism, our topic in this video is about the remains of enlightened people. I am Brian Ruhe, a Buddhist follower and lay teacher. I teach Buddhism and meditation in Vancouver, Canada in adult ed. at several Discover A Lot More

People collect ashes after cremation of a family member

Family members of Ram Singh, a migratory labour who was beaten to death, collect his ashes after his cremation in Punjab, India. In India the day after the cremation, the family will return to the crematory and collect the ashes. Traditionally, Discover A Lot More

Artful Ashes ~ Hand Blown Glass Heart with Your Loved One’s Cremated Remains

To learn more visit or call us Toll Free at Call 1-888-381-6993. Hand blown glass Artful Ashes hearts are a beautiful way to save some of your loved ones cremated remains in an artistic and Discover A Lot More