Deceased – The Funeral Parlour’s Secret (Studio Version)

Deceased - The Funeral Parlour's Secret from the 2005 album "As The Weird Travel On" They haul the dead from corpse to burial so the soul can mend They show you care in this saddening time with a heartfelt good intent Cadavered loved ones safe and Discover A Lot More

Annison Funeral Parlour Hull – Ghost Hunting – Ghost Quest ft. Chris Conway

Website: Twitter: Facebook: In this weeks episode the Discover A Lot More

SA is battling with how regulate the Funeral Parlour business

South Africa is still grappling with how best to regulate the Funeral Parlour business. Despite an increase in stringent requirements from different government departments, the industry is still blighted with fraud and exploitation of customers. Discover A Lot More

Most Haunted – Season 2, Episode 5 – Annison Funeral Parlour

Coffins, murder and a malevolent spirit plague the team as they investigate this one time funeral home. With one member isolated alone another in a coffin the team catch a poltergeist in action. As fear progressively spreads throughout the team, Discover A Lot More