EterniTrees – Biodegradable Memorial Tree Urns

The EterniTree Biodegradable Urn is the perfect urn to remember your loved ones with. Cremated remains themselves would damage a sapling, but the EterniTree Cremation Urn uses the ashes a different way. The clay container contains a seed and a unique mix of nutrients that when mixed with the ashes feed and nourish the tree seed that is contained within that will grow into a beautiful tree. These are small urns and are designed to hold a portion of the ashes. The average 175 pound individual would fill 5 of these urns. Making these a great urn choice when multiple family members or friends may wish to have a portion of the ashes. Or you could plant a small memorial grove in the departed’s honor.

There are over 32 tree species to chose from. Visit – – for more info.

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