Hindu cremation ceremony

Chandi Cremation ghat of Haridwar. The caretaker stokes the flames, as relatives of the deceased stand by. Some of them have covered their heads in respect to the departed soul. The ashes are then pushed into the river, to float down and fertilize the fields of north India.

Burning corpses at Chandi Ghat in Haridwar. Dead bodies are cremated by Hindus, in the open and next to the Ganga or Ganges river, at this cremation ground in one of the holiest of holy Hindu cities of north India. The ashes are then consigned next door, into the river, and have no further journey time, unlike ashes from other cremations that take place across India, which needs to be carried to the Ganges river (ideally).

Cremation ground workers tend to the fires that are burning simultaneously on various different pyres in this open-air cremation ground. This was filmed in the peak of the summer of 2011 – imagine standing next to a cremation fire, with its leaping flames, when the outside temperature is 47 degrees Celcius, even without the fire, and that too as it is measured in the shade!

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