Whose cremated remains are these?! [Episode 57]: Tea Time with Chuck

After being teased by Chuck for drinking hot coco, Tilly decides that she wants to try grown up drinks. Of course if Chuck is involved that can only mean one thing...he is trying to make Tilly a ghost! To our viewers and fans, THANK YOU so much Discover A Lot More

We Interview The Guy Who Created Dinnerware Infused With Cremated Remains

By definition Chronicle Cremation Designs transforms a loved one's ashes into remarkable ceramic design objects for your home. What that really means is they mix cremated human ashes into a glaze which is used to coat bowls, vases, candle holders, Discover A Lot More

UK Company Offers To Press Cremated Remains Of Loved Ones Into Vinyl Albums

Musician Jason Leach first made headlines with Andvinyly in 2010. But he returned to the spotlight with last month’s release of Hearing Madge, a touching short film (below) in which the co-founder explores the macabre practice of pressing dead Discover A Lot More

Officials Try to Identify Cremated Remains Found in Storage Unit

A legal team that was seeking a bankrupt funeral home's financial records instead made a macabre discovery: nearly 100 boxes of cremated remains, some dating back more than two decades, stashed in a suburban storage unit. (Dec. 17) Discover A Lot More

Cremated Remains| Cremains| Memorial Glass Art| Legacy Designs Inc

legacydesignsinc.com - Sometimes it's hard to know what to do with the cremated remains of a loved one... All memorial glass art is available with or without cremated ashes. Your me​​mories are as unique as our art. Simple and elegant with ashes Discover A Lot More

Cremated remains to be cast into Ganges in limbo amid strained relations

SHOTLIST Karachi, Pakistan - Recent 1. Wide exterior of Hindu cremation ground in Karachi 2. Various of cremation ground volunteers sweeping up ashes of cremated body 3. Various of volunteer cleaning and arranging urns in which remains are Discover A Lot More

Tranquility Cremation Urns | Crematorium | Dealing With A Loved One’s Remains

http://www.tranquilitycremation.com/ Tranquility Cremation Urns | Crematorium | FAQ - What are my options when dealing with a loved one's remains in the province of Ontario? 1473 Main Street West Hamilton, Ontario L8S 1C9 (905) 777-1700 http://www.tranquilitycremation.com/ http://twitter.com/#!/cremationinfo Discover A Lot More


English/Nat Buddhists set fire to stacks of bones on Monday in a mass cremation of Bangkok's poor - 21,347 people in ten days. The cremation was organised by an ethnic Chinese benevolent association that holds funeral rituals for the unclaimed Discover A Lot More

New Funeral Service Dissolves Dead People And Dumps Remains Into Sewer

Generally speaking, there are two main types of funerals: Those where the corpse is buried in a coffin and placed underground, or those where the body is cremated and the ashes are buried, kept, or scattered. Although there are some less conventional Discover A Lot More