Prayer Guide – Cheap AFK and Fastest Methods – iAm Naveed Runescape 2015

For this video I didn't want it to be a 1-99 Prayer Guide but instead a good tips video on how to train Prayer. SORRY FOR AUDIO ISSUES, HUGE STORM OUTSIDE. I hope with this video you can decided what sort of method you want to train prayer in Runescape Discover A Lot More

Runescape 1-99 Firemaking Guide 2016 | Fast/Free/Cheap [P2P]

I know this guide will help you achieve your Firemaking goal a fast as possible! Don't forget to leave a comment and tell me what guide I should make next. RS Wiki page on Cremation: ► ►Subscribe on Discover A Lot More

Fastest Prayer and Firemaking Xp in Game – Cremation Guide – iAm Naveed Runescape 2015

This is a F2P and P2P feature. Keep in mind though that you can't obviously do this with members bones if you are a F2P Player. This method can reach up to 1.5M Xp Per hour by using Cremation with Frost Dragon Bones. Hope you can use this method Discover A Lot More